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East Bay Express 2013
Best Low-Key Food Truck Gathering
Bites Off Broadway

Despite much handwringing on the part of brick-and-mortar restaurant owners, it appears that the food truck revolution is here to stay - and with it, the notion that wherever at least two or three gourmet food trucks are gathered is a pretty good place to have a party. In Oakland, there are bigger food truck gatherings and ones that are more popular. But for the past three years, Bites Off Broadway has been in a class of its own in terms of providing a low-key, community-minded experience. The lines for the six of so trucks that gather in front of the Studio One Art Center each Friday are rarely more than a few customers deep, and there's a big stretch of lawn where families and friends can sprawl out on a picnic blanket and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine. There's room for the kids to run around and, often, lawn games and live music. What's not to like?

Produced by Karen Hester (Loakal Productions) as a way to highlight Oakland's burgeoning mobile food vending scene and revitalize and activate Broadway as a major Oakland boulevard.